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Our History

Madden Fabrication was founded in 1992 as a division of our parent company, Madden Industrial Craftsmen, Inc. (MICI). Madden Fabrication supported MICI in project shut-down work at the many pulp and paper mills for which MICI furnished skilled craftspeople on an annual basis. During shutdowns, Madden Fabrication supplied tools, equipment and prefabricated metal products such as catwalks, ladders, handrails, equipment guards and pedestals, pipe spools, and whatever else was needed to execute the scheduled shutdown work.

In addition to supporting MICI, we continued to build our shop capabilities and our own customer base. Madden Fabrication quickly diversified into residential and commercial construction, manufacturing and facility maintenance work. Our long-term vision was to invest in our people and our facility in order to continually improve and grow to meet the needs of our customers.

In 2007, former Portland City Commissioner Randy Leonard envisioned a solution to urban restroom challenges. The Portland Loo® was then created in conjunction with Madden Fabrication and the City of Portland. Madden Fabrication collaborated with Portland staffers and volunteers to create the signature vandal-resistant, sleek, and modern kiosk look. 


Today, we pride ourselves on our ability to help customers by making their challenges our challenges, and helping them either directly or through our talented industry partners.

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